TGN Triple Screen Stand


Triple Screen Mount free standing. The perfect compliment to your sim-racing rig! This stand doesn’t suffer from sagging arms, unlike many other brands. It is rock-solid, for the demanding sim racer! Made from high-grade aluminum profile extrusion.


The TGN Triple Screen stand mounts free standing made from high-grade aluminum profiles. No flex! It’s adjustable in height and screen mounts.

TGN Triple Screen Stand comes as a building kit and can be easily assembled with basic tools. The monitor mounts are fitted with slotted holes so final adjustments can be made to position the monitors in an optimum way.

Key features:

  • Two versions available; light and heavy version (Heavy Version to be launched soon).
  • The angle of sidearms – 45 deg.
  • Height is adjustable.
  • No sagging of the arms


  • Up to 35 inch wide aspect ratio monitor.
  • Normal aspect ratio 16:9 maximum size 42 inch.


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